12321431_10209337973755235_4381599373140387515_nAccording to Mohave County Supervisor the latest acreage estimate on the Topock Fire is 1800-2000 acres. Last night the BLM burned out much of the vegetation on the south end of the fire down to the channel just across from the Topock Marina. This mitigates much of the threat on the south end. There is expected to be a wind shift to a strong south wind at approximately 11 a.m. this morning. This could cause the fire to expand to the north, which is the widest point of the fire. There have only been limited burnouts on the north side, but the BLM is deploying additional assets, including a Skycrane helicopter with water cannon, to be prepared for the wind shift. The biggest threat is spotting in advance of the flame front, which was an issue even last night during the burnout operations. We will be monitoring the situation closely this morning to be prepared for possible evacuations, although the north end of the fire is still a considerable distance from structures. Oatman Highway north of the Marina is expected to remain closed until the BLM Incident Command determines that public traffic will not interfere with staging and deployment of fire equipment.