download (5)Money, Time and Stress

Whether by plane or car, long distance travel is busiest during the holidays, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers five tips to help consumers save money, time and stress when traveling this holiday season.

  1. Travel on off-peak days. Traveling on the actual holiday will save time and a few dollars since most travelers will be at their destination and out of the way, lessening demand.
  1. Travel early in the day. Statistics show flights that leave earlier in the day have better on-time performance, helping you avoid delays that could result in stress and extra fees. Hitting the road when everyone is sleeping can help avoid traffic and other delays.
  1. Use online discount travel sites to find the best deals on flights and other travel needs. If you plan to rent a car or stay at a hotel, bundle the reservations with airfare to save.
  1. Pack light to avoid possible overweight baggage fees. Know airline restrictions regarding baggage size and weight before heading to the airport.  If possible, limit yourself to a carry-on bag to avoid the drama of lost or left-behind luggage. Also, do not wrap gifts as Transportation Security Administration workers may have to unwrap them for inspection. Consider shipping gifts.
  1. Don’t get “hungry.” A growling stomach can cause a bad mood and cloud judgment. Save a few bucks by eating at home before your trip and packing snacks for later.

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