State Capitol police arrest five immigrant rights protesters Wednesday morning, after blocking the entrance to the Capitol Executive Tower where Governor Doug Ducey’s office is housed. The protest, led by the pro-immigrant group, Puente, was meant to get the Governor’s attention on anti-immigration bills, one of which has already arrived at his desk.

D-P-S Captain Damon Cecil says four women sat blocking the way to the sliding doors of the main entrance while the side doors were locked with chains. Troopers arrived to find the arms of the obstructing protesters interlocked with tubes, which were eventually cut. It also took a while to get tools to cut the chains.

Puente spokeswoman Francisca Porches was angry that along with the four women, Executive Director Carlos Garcia was also arrested although he was not part of the blockade. Cecil explains, because Garcia organized this “illegal protest”, he’s a conspirator.

Porchas says they’re pressuring Governor Ducey to veto the bills after asking to meet with him several times to discuss them and getting no response. The protesters face Criminal Trespass charges, and have been booked into Fourth Avenue Jail in Downtown Phoenix.

–Barbara Villa