fraud Kingman City leaders have repeatedly indicated that measures are now in place to prevent future theft of funds from the public treasury. City Manager John Dougherty, Mayor Dick Anderson and Finance Director Tina Moline have led the charge in attempting to rebuild public confidence after allegations that fired Budget Analyst Diane Richards stole more than $1.1-million through abuse of her position.
Dougherty told Council members again, during their December 15 meeting, that Moline has instituted protocols designed to discourage and discover abuse of public money by finance staff. Dougherty said three accountants have been cross trained to cross check accounts.
`All three of these people will review the journal entries, the bank reconciliations the wires and the vouchers,” Dougherty said. “We recognize we had an issue. I talked about it with the former Finance Director and I talked to the auditors. They thought everything was in there that we needed. Obviously trust became an issued an overtrust on the part of management staff to this one person (Richards).”
Moline conceded some oversight shortcomings within the Finance Department.
“I don’t want Council to feel that there weren’t internal coontrols or safeguards in place. There were,” Moline said. “Not all of them were being followed. We did have internal ocntrols prior to (theft dsicovery), but when you started to review some of the documentation, they weren’t always followed.”