Broken-hearted mourners gathered Friday morning to celebrate the life of Officer Tyler Stewart at a Flagstaff church.  Among those paying their respects to the murdered officer, Flagstaff Police Lieutenant John Brindel, who says the 24-year-old Rookie was a great fit for the challenging job.  “You were brave, you were

strong, you served your community with pride and professionalism, you made a choice to stand in the face of danger of protect your community, you made a difference, thank you Tyler.” 

Stewart’s father, DPS Sergeant Frank Stewart, says his son was his “best friend who truly knew him better than anyone else.”  He went on to praise his son as an “honest man who was wise beyond his years.”

Stewart’s sisters and colleagues say he possessed a great combination of compassion, putting others before himself and a zany sense of humor.  Stewart was shot and killed in the line of duty last Saturday after following up on a domestic violence call.  The gunman committed suicide moments later. 

Kris Dugan/Barbara Villa