(Photo Caption – A Mohave County road grader operator clears mud and debris from the roadway on South Estrella in Golden Valley. Many of the county streams flowed across the roadways making it virtually impossible for drivers to pass and for those who attempted, they got their vehicles struck.)

GVFD EmblemAn unidentified 73-year-old male driver learned a valuable lesson Thursday, June 30, 2016, when he attempted to drive through a flooded area of South Estrella Road.

He learned not attempt to drive through water running across the road and because he didn’t not heed to warning signs, he might have perished if it were not for Golden Valley firefighters who rescued him.

According to the elderly man, the water flowing over the road was only about six inches deep so he decided to continue his journey home. As he began to drive through the water flowing across the roadway, a giant wall of water slammed into his full-sized Mercury Grand Marque and spun it around like a top. The debris and dirt surrounded his vehicle making it impossible for him to get out of the car.

When Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) firefighters from Station 13 arrived on scene, water was already rushing into the passenger compartment where the driver was trapped. They immediately went to the vehicle, and were able to extract the trapped driver and take him to safety.

In other fire district related news for the same day, GVFD was called out to reports of electrical transmission lines down in the roadways. When they arrived, they then called the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and Unisource Electric to handle the situation.

The firefighters also responded to a medical call in the 600 block of Elgin Road of a child choking and when they arrived, they administered first aid.

Calls came in for two other vehicles stuck because of raging waters flowing across the road – one car on North Estrella Road and a pickup truck on South Estrella Road. When the firefighters arrived on the scenes of the two stuck vehicles, they determined the drivers had self-extracted themselves so their returned to their respective fire stations.

GVFD officials stress that drivers should never attempt to drive through water that is flowing across a road. They say “turn around, don’t drowned.”

Photo By Butch Meriwether – GVFD PIO