merry christmasThe Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #50 of Bullhead City will kick off the 14th Annual ‘Visit with Santa’ in December. Santa and his helpers on a sleigh, escorted by police patrol cars, will visit with children in Bullhead City neighborhoods. Kids line up to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and receive a candy cane. The FOP ‘Visit with Santa’ is free to everyone. Here is a list of times and locations:

12/8 Monday – Holiday Shores Area

5:30pm Dean Hackett Park–1375 Marina Parkway

6:00pm River Gardens Drive & Baseline Road

6:35pm Goldrush Apartments– 2030 Prospector Court (45 min stop)

12/9 Tuesday – Sunridge Estates & Desert Foothills

5:45pm Sunridge Village, 839 Landon Drive

6:25pm Canyon Walk Apartments – 2795 Desert Foothills Boulevard

12/10 Wednesday – Riviera Area

5:30pm Mimosa Trail & Honeysuckle Road

6:05pm Rio Grande Road & Rio Grande Way

6:30pm Clearwater Drive & Marina Blvd

12/11 Thursday – Chaparral Area

5:30pm Chaparral Terrace– 2390 Acoma Drive

6:05pm Navajo Drive & Kaibab Drive

6:35pm Camino Del Rio & Avenida Del Sol

7:05pm Via Arroyo & Lause Road

12/17 Wednesday – Riviera Area

5:30pm Swan Drive & Riviera Blvd (45 min stop)

6:35pm San Juan Drive & San Juan Court

7:05pm Bermuda Drive & Kingston Drive

12/18 Thursday – Rio Lomas & Arroyo Vista Area

5:30pm Sierra Santiago & Hi Jolly Drive

6:35pm Corwin Road & Lariat Drive

7:05pm Mohave Crossroads Plaza– 3699 Hwy 95 (45 min stop)

12/19 Friday – Old Bullhead City

5:30pm First Street & Moser Avenue

6:05pm Seventh Street & Lee Avenue

6:35pm Home Depot, 660 Hwy 95 (Home Depot/Carl’s Jr. Parking Lot)