The Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a Tucson business accused of scamming homeowners facing foreclosure.  Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing Sonia Hodgin and Hodgin & Co. for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act by charging struggling homeowners thousands of dollars for

foreclosure assistance and then not providing those services.  Brnovich released a statement saying, In at least one instance, Hodgin & Co. claimed they could help a homeowner avoid foreclosure and entered into a contract where they would take over the homeowners monthly payments on the existing mortgage loan in exchange for a deed to the property.”

Defendants failed to remove the homeowner from the mortgage loan obligation and failed to assume the mortgage loan obligation as agreed.  Defendants failed to pay the mortgage loan servicer or homeowner, resulting in the servicer foreclosing on the property.”

“Arizona homeowners who lost their homes to fake foreclosure schemes should immediately file a complaint with our office” 

Kris Dugan