unnamed (7)Lake Havasu City, AZ – Mohave County’s former Public Information Director, Darryle Purcell, has been quite busy since retiring from public life.  Since his retirement in 2013, Purcell has been
writing and publishing a series of western novels.  “This illustrated series showcases Darryle’s talent,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “He has taken his love for writing and illustration andunnamed (8) combined it into this magnificent series,” Johnson continued.  Purcell’s illustrated series is called the Hollywood Cowboy Detectives (HCD).  Published by Page Turner’s Buckskin Editions, the series embraces the adventurous world of pulp publishing while also acknowledging the great western movie serials of the 1930s.  “The first publication, Mystery at Movie Ranch, is comprised of 12 cliffhanger chapters set in the San Fernando Valley area of southern California during the filming of the 1934 Mascot Pictures serial, Mystery Mountain, starring Ken Maynard,” Purcell stated.  Page Turner’s Buckskin Editions currently has published two of the books in Purcell’s series.  The second book is called Mystery of the Arizona Dragon.  A third book is set for release early next year. According to Purcell, all HCD publications have color covers and black and white internal illustrations in the style of pulp and adventure novels of the 1930s.  The main character of the series, Sean “Curly” Woods, is joined by real life cowboy actors of the 1930s such as Warner Oland, Keye Luke and Hoot Gibson.  “In the series, Woods engages in a series of deadly encounters with an army of anti-American terrorists ruled by a sinister mastermind known only as the Viper,” Purcell explained.  “The HCD deals with organized crime, a sniper attack, aerial combat against an experimental German flying machine, and a variety of battles with those who would like to eliminate all who believe in freedom and justice,” Purcell continued. Purcell’s inspiration for the series can be traced back to his history and experience as a long-time cartoonist, newspaper editor and public information specialist.  Purcell is known by many throughout Mohave County for his 12 years as the editor of the Mohave Valley Daily News.  During which time, he won many awards for his writing and political cartoons and was even recognized by statewide organizations for his work.  “I grew up enjoying the great B-westerns on early television and at the theaters and drive-ins. I volunteered and served as an infantry paratrooper in Vietnam in 1965 and ’66. Following that I was stationed stateside in the 101st and then the 82nd airborne divisions,” Purcell stated.  “Many of the B-western stars of the 1920s and ’30s were World War 1 veterans. Some, like Tim McCoy served in both world wars.  They knew that if you don’t face your enemies, you have already lost the battle.  The HCD series embodies those lessons that life is hard but good will triumph over evil,” Purcell continued. Purcell’s illustrated series can be purchased on Amazon either as a Kindle version or as a paperback.  A bonus short story, called bonus Mystery of the Murdered Badman, comes with the paperback version. “In this short, Woods works to save Maynard from being charged with the murder of a western-movie villain and abduction and possibleunnamed (9) murder of a former silent-screen vamp,” Purcell explained. For those interested in reading one of Purcell’s books, they can be purchased on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author= DARRYLE%20PURCELL&search-alias=digital-text&sort=relevancerank