Police are looking for four individuals who may know something about a Phoenix woman’s murder.  Sergeant Derek Elmore with Silent Witness says 46-year-old Dalia Cardenas Soto was found murdered in her town-home last week and police have little to go on.  The victim’s car, a 2001 Silver Toyota Corolla, was taken and

later recovered in Mesa. Her credit cards were also used after her death.  Elmore says there are four persons of interest who were last seen with the victim.  Two of those men have been identified as Juan Armenta and Orlando Gallegos.  Police have a sketch of the third person and a video of the fourth person.  Elmore says the keys to solving this crime is in the area the murder took place.  Soto was found inside her home at the Cotton Center Townhomes in the 46-hundred block of East Broadway.  Elmore says it’s possible the suspects are familiar with the area and the fact that her car was found in Mesa is another clue.  Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Witness at 480-Witness.


Kris Dugan