Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of two scams. 


The first scam is a reoccurring scam but it has a new twist where residents have reported receiving a recorded telephone message from an Officer at the IRS.  The IRS representative informs them that there is a possible fraud case regarding their tax return and they are instructed to immediately call a phone number which is left on the machine.  The IRS Office does not conduct business in this manner. 


The second scam is where people have received a call by unknown subjects stating that they won a “grant” or a “scholarship” valued around $75,000.00. The caller advises the person in order to claim the prize that they need to call a separate phone number and provide personal information including their bank routing numbers and cards numbers.  The person is advised that they were awarded or won the scholarship even though they did not apply for one nor did they have knowledge of one being applied for in their name.  The caller then leads the questioning by asking the person something about themselves and turns around and uses that information to make them believe they already had their personal information in an attempt to make it more believable.  The grants and scholarships are not real and the company they advised that are giving out the grants and scholarships do not exist.  Grants and scholarships are always applied for and there is no truth to a “free” grant.


These incidents are believed to be attempted scams and the Sheriff’s Office would like to caution residents.  Always be cautious when it comes to sending money, providing personal information including social security number, bank accounts and credit card numbers.  If you suspect fraud, contact your local law enforcement office.