CRC CLWC Insert - updated-page-0As the Colorado River Celebration with Will Graham approaches, event organizers will offer a series of free classes to help local Christians develop their faith and learn to talk to others about their beliefs. The sessions are the latest in a lineup of Celebration-related events which will culminate with the three-day outreach at the Rodeo Grounds at SARA Park in Lake Havasu, March 11-13. “Over the years, we’ve repeatedly heard Christians say that they don’t share their faith with others because they don’t feel prepared. They don’t think they know the Bible well enough, and they’re afraid that they’ll be unable to answer questions or objections they receive,” said Sam Hardy, who is directing the Colorado River Celebration. “The information that will be provided in this series will equip the participants with the essentials that they need, showing them that they can share their faith and do it effectively.”

The series – called the Christian Life and Witness Course – is open to everybody. No registration is needed, and there is no charge to attend. Classes begin Jan. 17 in churches across the area. The course lasts three weeks, with various times, dates and locations throughout the week to make it accessible to anybody who wants to participate. Each session is two hours. Different information will be presented each week, building on the previous week’s session. Therefore, it is important to attend all three weeks. However, attendees do not need to go to the same location every time.

Churches hosting the Christian Life and Witness Course are:

In addition to the classes listed above, a special youth-focused version of the workshop – called FM419 – will be held at multiple locations. FM419 is an opportunity for youth leaders and the young people of the area to learn how to live their faith and reach out to their friends. This training will be held at the following churches:

Those who complete the Christian Life and Witness Course or FM419 will have the opportunity to apply to volunteer as counselors at the Colorado River Celebration. However, serving as a counselor is not required to take either course.

To view the full list of locations, dates and times, please visit

About the Colorado River Celebration with Will Graham

The Colorado River Celebration with Will Graham will be held at the Rodeo Grounds at SARA Park, March 11-13, 2016. Will Graham is the third generation of Grahams to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Will is the grandson of Billy Graham and the oldest son of Franklin Graham. He has shared the hope of Christ on six continents since beginning his evangelistic ministry in 2006.