jaworskyA resident of Littlefield was arrested twice this month for unexplained bizarre behavior. Gregory Jaworsky, 41, was stark naked when busted while burgling a parked vehicle in Kingman Sunday morning, October 12. Deputy Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper said it is unclear when, where and why the Littlefield man came to be naked before he was caught rummaging and damaging the interior of the vehicle in the 700 block of Silver Street. “Little more is known about Jaworsky’s behavior,” Cooper said in a news release. “It is believed that Jaworsky was under the influence of drugs.” Jaworksy was booked into the Mohave County jail for indecent exposure, burglary, trespass and criminal damage charges. It turns out he had been arrested eight days before the naked car caper. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office responded at 3:33 a.m. on October 4 to a Littlefield woman’s complaint that she spotted Jaworsky inside the chicken coop on her property in the 800 block of Rainbow Road. “She said his behavior was erratic,” said Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Trish Carter. “She further said she got scared as he was rambling and acting weird.” Jaworsky was gone when deputies arrived but he was located in the same neighborhood about 12 hours later, lying under a tree and slurring his speech. Jaworsky was taken into custody for trespassing. Jaworsky pled guilty to another trespassing case on August 8. Details of that incident are unavailable.