A 16-year prison sentence was imposed Monday for a Kingman man who killed his friend, encased his body in concrete and looted the victim’s estate. Richard Polaski, 63, was pled guilty to second degree murder for the June, 2015 death of John Holland, 65.

Chief Deputy Mohave County attorney James Schoppmann refuted Polaski’s claim of self defense by noting that Holland was stabbed more than 30 times.

Schoppmann also told Judge Lee Jantzen that Polaski placed duct tape over Holland’s mouth before wrapping his torso and head in plastic and placing the body in a hole dug in the back yard of a north Kingman home. Schoppmann said Polaski sprinkled lime over the body before placing concrete chunks on top and covering the burial site with a layer of newly poured concrete.

The site was excavated and body recovered in late August.

Court records indicate Polaski admitted involvement in a fraudulent scheme to take control of all of Holland’s assets, including a bank account exceeding $1-million, as well as the victim’s homes and vehicles. The plea agreement spares Polaski further prosecution, but authorities continue investigating the asset theft and what to do with whatever is recovered as Holland had no known rightful heirs.