It’s been 15 years since a Scottsdale man vanished following the murders of his wife and two children. So a frustrated F-B-I is putting the image of suspect Robert Fisher up again in hopes someone will recognize him. The F-B-I’S Justin Tolomeo says an existing 1999 picture has been

age enhanced, depicting fisher with graying hair, a beard, or bald. Those images are now flashing on digital billboard throughout the phoenix area, along with basic details of the case and contact information

Tolomeo says Fisher also walks with an “exaggerated, erect posture with his chest pushed out to a lower back injury. and has a noticeable gold crown on his upper left first bicuspid tooth. Fisher is avid outdoorsman, fisher and hunter and is considered armed and dangerous.

Tolomeo says Fisher is accused of killing his family on April 10, 2001 and then blowing up the house. This Sunday marks 15 years since the crime. And he turns 55 years old next week. If you have any information on Fisher, you’re urged to contact your local F-B-I office. A 100-thousand dollar reward is up for information leading to Fisher’s arrest.

–Barbara Villa