The Venture Club has surpassed its initial fundraising goal to have a splash pad water recreation feature installed at a Kingman City park. Committee Chairperson Lisa Bruno said she’s amazed the effort to initially secure $250,000 succeeded over the course of several months when it was projected to take a year or more.

   Bruno thanked individuals, businesses and clubs that have made donations and hosted events to get beyond the initial fundraising goal. She said additional revenue can be used to upgrade the project or purchase amenities for it such as shade cover.

   “There’s a real sense of community with this project,” Bruno told city council members during their November 17 meeting. “People are excited about it, about how quickly that it’s moving. We want to continue that. We don’t want to get stalled or bogged down. We want to make this happen.”

   Bruno outlined a sequence of project development events that could see the splash pad be put into use by next Memorial Day. City Manager John Dougherty said the timetable is ambitious but “doable.”

   Bruno said the Venture Club is recommending use of a recirculating containment system for a splash pad covering roughly 3,000 square feet. She said the Club is recommending placement at Centennial Park for centralization and for maintenance related cost savings.