Baby Gabriel’s mother is once again behind bars.  Authorities say 29-year-old Elizabeth Johnson is being held without bond pending a court hearing next week for a probation violation.  Johnson’s claim to fame is the disappearance of her eight-month-old baby boy, Gabriel.  In 2009, Gabriel went missing and Johnson

told her son’s father she had killed their child.  She then retracted that statement and said she gave the baby away to an unknown couple.  Johnson served about 17 months in prison for custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference.  After seven years, Baby Gabriel has never been found and authorities have been unable to find evidence of his death.  Johnson’s latest arrest stems from a myriad of probation violations that include traveling to New Mexico without permission, associating with a known criminal and getting married without notifying her probation officer. 

Kris Dugan