Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego has joined two other Arizona congressional members to pass an amendment dealing with controversial Sky Harbor flight paths. On “Arizona Horizon,” Gallego talked about what the amendment would do.

“The FAA cannot redesign the metropolitan area flight patterns, which extends

all the way to Tucson and to the eastern and western border, without first dealing with the Phoenix flight pattern.” The flight paths have caused consternation among residents who have been affected by changes that have brought added noise to their neighborhoods. “And the reason I did that is knowing how unresponsive and bureaucratic the FAA has been and to not want them to say well we can’t change the Phoenix flight patterns because now we redesigned the Phoenix Metroplex area and doing that would cause irreparable harm.” Gallego says the amendment has passed in the House, and he is now working with the Senate to get it passed there. He says that the FAA has made some changes. “There changes have been nearly negligible. Enough to say that they say tried something but not enough to change what is occurring in the neighborhoods.” 
Mike Sauceda