11223309_637056366431358_4258398456478677646_nFor many people, the potential impacts of feeding wildlife plays second fiddle to the act of seeing wildlife.

“Feeding wildlife in order to have the opportunity to view them is done without knowing the potential impacts it has on the health of the animals being fed or the public safety concerns that come with this behavior,” said Zen Mocarski, information and education program manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Region 3 office in Kingman.

In response, Game and Fish personnel will be conducting an educational program for DW Ranch area residents on the impacts of feeding as well as living with animals such as mountain lions, bobcats, and javelina.

The presentation will run from 6-7 p.m., Thursday (Aug. 20), at the Pinion Pine Fire Department Station 52 located at 6095 E. Firegrounds Rd. It is located off DW Ranch Road near I-40.

“When it comes to living with wildlife, education is important,” Mocarski said. “I do understand the passion people have for seeing wildlife, but conditioning animals to live in residential areas isn’t in the best interest of wildlife or humans.”

Mocarski said recent calls to the fire department regarding lion sightings suggests a need to visit with local residents on reporting such cases.

Mocarski believes it is important residents attend this meeting to understand who to call as well as gaining an understanding of Game and Fish protocols in handling nuisance and potentially dangerous encounters. Self-help tips will also be provided to help people avoid nuisance wildlife interactions.

For more information, visit azgfd.gov/urbanwildlife. You may also visit Region 3 on Facebook by searching for AZGFD Kingman.

For additional information prior to the presentation, you may contact Mocarski at zmocarski@azgfd.gov.