Laughlin_Area_543LAUGHLIN, NEV.– November was a good month for casinos in Laughlin and most everywhere else in Nevada– except for those along the Las Vegas Strip and Reno.  That’s right. The state’s two most well-known gaming Meccas reported drops in gaming revenues in November while most other areas were up– some reporting double digit increases, including the nine casinos in Laughlin.   Statewide gaming revenues were up 0.04 percent or $337,000 dollars over the same month last year. Nevada’s gaming industry reported Nov. 2014 revenues of $876.3 million compared to $875.9 million in Nov. 2013. Casinos in Laughlin, North Las Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, Mesquite, North Lake Tahoe and those along the Boulder Strip did better this year with all of those markets– except Mesquite– reporting double-digit percentage increases. Laughlin revenues were pegged at $36.8 million this year, which was 12.8 percent more than the $32.7 million reported during the same month last year. The Nevada Gaming Control Board says that a modest increase in the amount of money played in slot and video poker machines is what prompted November’s jump in revenues. Downtown Las Vegas reported November gaming revenues of $42.8 million, which was 12.8 percent more than the $38.0 million reported in Nov. 2013. Lucky blackjack players were the biggest reason why resorts along the Strip in Las Vegas posted a 4.0 percent drop in gaming revenues. Gaming control board analysts say that revenues from blackjack were off by 23 percent last month. Strip resorts reported $508.3 million in winnings this year. That compares to $529.4 million reported last year. In Reno, it was a small drop in winnings by slot machines that resulted in a small decline in revenues for the Biggest Little City in the World. Reno reported $43.1 million in November gaming revenues, which was 0.6 percent less than the $43.3 million reported in 2013.