Country music superstar Garth Brooks is in Arizona as his comeback tour continues with a Saturday night concert in Phoenix.  Brooks, who quit the stage 19 years ago, has a simple explanation

for why he put his career in pause for so long : he stopped to raise his children. But as the kids left home to go to college, Brooks says the house was turning into a “morgue” and at  wife Trisha Yearwood’s urging, the cure for the “empty nest syndrome”  was going back on the road. Brooks says, as his last child left for school in August, he didn’t waste a moment in kicking off the new tour in September.

Elated over the sell-out concert at Talking Stick Arena in Downtown Phoenix, Brooks says he’s grateful to be “on the pulpit” singing to packed audiences as he spreads his musical message to “love one another”.

Brooks says, if anyone tells you touring is hard work, they’re lying. He says it’s a chance to get spoiled to death and be treated well. Trisha echoes, going on the road for this tour is like a vacation.

–Barbara Villa