BULLHEAD CITY—It has been nearly 20 years since the corner of Highway 95 and Marina Blvd. was designated and renamed in honor of Gary Keith, a long time businessman and beloved civic-minded resident, who had passed away. Since then, improvements to the Gary Keith Civic Center Park have been few and far between. There is a large sandstone sign, some shrubs and a flag pole, but that’s it.

This afternoon, a group of equally civic-minded residents will unveil their plans to the Bullhead City Council in the hopes to spur the development of the park that has eluded local leaders for two decades. Headed by former councilwoman Olivia McCormick, the Gary Keith Park Improvement Committee will present their proposed plan to city councilmembers with the hope that the design concept will be put up for a formal vote later this month.

Once the city council accepts the design concept, McCormick and her group, which have been meeting regularly since Sept. 2015, can begin the arduous task of raising the funds needed to complete the project.

The preliminary plan that will be presented to the city council during a special workshop this afternoon features three major components. The first makes use of the already existing flag pole, which was installed many years ago by another group of civic leaders—the Community Pride Advocates. The ‘flag park’ would be enhanced with an integrated shade picnic bench and walking paths.

The other major components would be entirely new to the park. The first would be a multi-function stage and associated ramadas. The other would be an open space area in the northern half of the park, specifically dedicated to special events. McCormick envisions this area to be used for carnivals, flea markets and other ‘short-term events.’

The city council will not make any formal decisions at today’s workshop. Any suggestions or changes that are offered today would likely be incorporated into a final design that would be presented for formal approval at the city council’s meeting on Apr. 19.

Today’s workshop meeting gets underway at 3 p.m. in the city council chambers. It is open to the public and can be viewed in person, or on the city’s cable channel 4 or on the city’s website, www.bullheadcity.com.