The State is on the lookout for more gas pump skimmers after five devices have recently been found on card readers at Glendale and Northeast Phoenix gas stations.  Michelle Wilson with the Weights and Measures department says enhanced surveillance has expanded over a two mile area in hopes of finding

whoever is ripping off your personal information. The latest two skimmers were discovered this week at a Circle “K’ store at 59th Avenue and Bell Road. Last week, devices were uncovered at North Tatum Road and East Greenway, North 32nd Street and East Cactus Road.

Wilson says there used to be telltale signs of card reader tampering like electric tape residue. But she says today’s rigging is much more covert. “They’re very sneaky, shady criminals who try to do it at times when they’re not going to be detected in areas where there’s not as good visibility, and they can do it very quickly,”says Wilson.

If you use a card to pay for gas, Wilson recommends, not putting in your pin. Or simply pay with cash. Also, watch your credit activity like a hawk and promptly report any suspicious activity to your credit card company.

–Barbara Villa