13232900_1536842033290530_5462916870654233724_nMonica Gates says she is humbled and thankful that community confidence returns her to the position of Mayor of the City of Kingman. Gates unseated incumbent Mayor  Richard Anderson in Tuesday’s general election.

“I’m so excited to move forward in making Kingman all it can be,” Gates said. She said Kingman faces many of the same issues it did more than a decade ago but that there’s a news spirit within the collective of herself and newly elected council members Travis Lingenfelter, Jamie Scott-Stehly and David Wayt.

“We are bringing a new energy and a really positive attitude to the council,” Gates said. “They kind of share my philosophy that you need to look for ways to make things happen rather than find excuses why nothing happens.”

Better utilization of the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park remains priority one.

“We need to work with our airport and industrial park and start to clean that park up and start bringing in better paying jobs to our community. That really is the ultimate solution to our future,” Gates said. “I think it starts with conversation. That’s where I want to start. Once I am sworn in (December 6) I would definitely like to sit down with the board of directors to find some common ground and work on a strategy on how we can improve our airport and industrial park.”

Gates said she is optimistic that Kingman Regional Medical Center’s recent purchase of a key parcel of property will serve as a catalyst toward progress for the Kingman Crossing Interstate 40 crossing and retail development initiative.

“I was the one who actually brought the Kingman Crossing project to the attention of the city council over a decade ago, so this is something I’ve advocated for a very, very long time,” Gates said. She said ensuring an adequate water supply is another top priority for the Gates administration.