city managerA look into the city’s future was revealed, during a recent town hall meeting. Proposition 2014-2 Bullhead City General Plan Update is headed towards the November ballot where voters will decide whether or not to adopt the measure. If voters choose not to sanction the City’s plan, the municipality will continue to operate under its existing plan, according to Toby Cotter, city manager. A city’s general plan guides in planning land uses, development, and population growth for both current and long-term forecasting. The Bullhead City plan also focuses on opportunities to grow. According to the proposition document, a completed master plan for Community Park will be used to guide future development; the city will monitor water resources for the anticipated population, and evaluate sources for new water allocations. Sections of the city are cited in the general plan noting the potential for growth, and commercial and residential uses. Original Bullhead City is ripe for development with various land uses as is Section 12, an approximately one mile of Colorado River frontage and land on both sides of Highway 95, according to the plan. However, development in areas such as Hancock Road from Highway 95 to River Gardens Drive has declined over the years in spite of both commercial and residential opportunities in the area, according to the plan. Marina Boulevard and Highway 95, and the Riviera Area are cited as possible areas to be redeveloped. The Riviera Area is primarily residential with some businesses. Ownership in the area has transitioned with “much of it is in disrepair,” according to the plan. “As the City grows, there are a number of opportunities to improve these neighborhoods. As activity increases within the City Center, the influence on adjacent property should be positive,” according to the plan. The November 4, 2014 General Election ballot measures in Bullhead City will include Proposition No. 2014-2 (Bullhead City General Plan Update).

By Janie Tinnon

Photo: Bullhead City Manager Toby Cotter, pictured with development maps, addresses residents at a town hall meeting in city council chambers Thursday.