The Arizona coyotes future in Glendale appears to be in doubt after the City Council voted Wednesday night to cancel its 15-year Arena lease agreement with the team.  The move was expected after the meeting was scheduled Tuesday, a day after city officials met with the team’s new majority owner.

coyotes President Anthony LeBlanc says the city has caused enormous harm to the team’s ability to operate.   He says, “The actions of this council over the past 48 hours have been very highly detrimental to the business we are operating.”  Council members contend the team’s ownership group, IceArizona, violated the law by hiring former Glendale City Attorney Craig Tindall, who they say helped negotiate the lease agreement.  Tindall and the Coyotes say he had left his city job before the deal was agreed to. 

LeBlanc went on to say the city’s tactics are damaging that have “severely tarnished the image of this community to any outside group, to potential sponsors, customers, or business partners.”  LeBlanc ripped into the council during the meeting accusing them of “putting the Coyotes into a situation whereby we are exposed to the loss of tens of millions of dollars in revenue unnecessarily – these are significant damages and if you continue down this path, you are going down tonight, the damage is just beginning folks.

A local resident blasted the City Council calling them “childish, pathetic and disrespectful!”

Mayor Gerry Weirs says the Coyotes are at fault and doesn’t care how good of a deal it is, if you break the law, you’re breaking the law and it’s wrong, it’s wrong.”

Kris Dugan