Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers can mark one item off his “Bucket List!” He’s going to the Super Bowl!  As Mayor to the Super Bowl host city, one would think that you could score a couple tickets to the big game. Weiers had said

going to the Super Bowl was on the top of his “Bucket List!”  The Glendale Mayor said “he didn’t want to sound greedy,” but “quite honestly I don’t have the money to go to it.”  Super Bowl tickets in the nose-bleed sections topped out at $8,000 by Thursday and those numbers are still rising.  Weiers was resigned to watching the game from his living room saying “it seems kinda sad, but it is what it is.”  Mitchell Modell, CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods, learned of Weiers fate and offered him two tickets to Sunday’s Super Bowl.
Weiers choked back the tears when Modell handed him the tickets at the Friar’s Roast of Terry Bradshaw at the Arizona Biltmore Thursday.  Weiers said he is going to “pay it forward” and write a check for the tickets and donate it to the Shriner’s transportation charities.

Kris Dugan