Golden Valley Cactus Cleaning volunteers cleaned up an amazing albeit disgusting and discouraging amount of trash, tires and boats from our once beautiful desert. Here are the statistics for the year: 67,520 pounds of trash, debris including approximately 10 boats plus 2354 tires removed from the desert. Quite the haul!

In 2015 the Cactus Cleaners picked up 38,300 pounds of trash and 1015 tires. The totals since the group started in April 2015 is 105,820 pounds of trash, debris and boats and 3369 tires. As you can see, we need help!

More volunteers, more groups in different communities, more people reporting dump sites and dumpers! Please report dump sites to Mohave County ERACE at 928-715-0480. You can follow the activities of the Cactus Cleaners on Facebook “Golden Valley Cactus Cleaners” group.