thumbnail_Appointed Board Members01Nearly 75 Golden Valley neighbors gathered for a community potluck to celebrate the new leadership of the Golden Paradise Landowners, Inc., on Saturday February 20th. The people gathered at the Landowners building 5505 Highway 68 @ N. Verde Rd. The non-profit is now open to all residents and property owners in Golden Valley; it’s also finding huge support from people as they work to develop better community outreach in the valley.

The new leaders, who volunteered to begin the process of bringing the association back to life, will face an election by the membership at the Annual Meeting on March 19th 6:00 PM, at the Landowners Building, 5505 W Hwy 68 in Golden Valley. The newly re-organized club is led by Wayne Hollins as President, Dolly Mauk as Vice-President, Judy L. Hanson as Secretary, Deanna Armstrong as Director, Bill Huffman as Treasurer, Susan Joy Breen as Director, and Debbie Engard as, Parliamentarian.

People have come together over the past year, doing desert cleanup as GV Cactus cleaners, and having several potlucks and a Christmas Party to share gifts with children in the valley. “We’re simply focused on making the valley more enjoyable place to live, while encouraging a community spirit among the various neighborhoods in the Valley” stated Wayne Hollins, the founding member of the Cactus Cleaners.

Several issues the group is concerned about include more commercial development including a grocery store, better road maintenance and a greater presence of law enforcement for protecting the people. “We won’t be ‘political’ as a group, though many members are strong community activists who look to make a positive difference in Golden Valley” added Hollins. The primary focus will be bringing the people of Golden Valley together as friends and neighbors.

Golden Paradise Landowners first incorporated in July 1963, and has been under continuous management with prior leadership including Steve and Angie Wilks, Lovelle and Larry Barnett, and Keith Stockwell in place since 2007, recently resigning. The new Board, subject to the March election, plans to host more community events, tackle issues of deferred maintenance, improving community spirit and getting more people in Golden Valley working together. People can reach the Association at (928) 565-3100.

The first order of business for the new board is to determine just where the Golden Valley community extends. Any resident or landowner can become members in the association by coming to any meeting or community event and fill out the membership form, paying the yearly fee of $20. Both the husband and wife are eligible to vote. Interim President Hollins stated, “I believe a positive attitude is one of the most important assets to have to tackle any challenge. When there is a problem or challenge, let’s DO something positive.”

Cutline for Leaders Photo: The new officers for the Golden Paradise Landowners from left to right, Front row: Debbie Engard, Parliamentarian; Deanna Armstrong, Director; Bill Huffman, Treasurer and Judy Hanson, Secretary. Back row: Dolly Mauk, Vice-President, Wayne Hollins, President and Susan Joy Breen, Director.

Cutline for Community Potluck: Friends and neighbors gathering at the February 20th potluck introducing the new Board for the Golden Valley Landowners.