With the departure of GVFD’s Assistant Fire Chief Ted Martin, his replacement Jack Yeager stepped in and hit the ground running on July 23rd.  Chief O’Donohue reported that the Board of Directors authorized a temporary appointment for this leadership position until a full-time replacement could be selected at a later date.  O’Donohue stated that Yeager has been offered this position for 1-year, with a 30-day option for the District to terminate his employment at any time.  O’Donohue continued, we fully expect Jack to pursue the full-time position when that time comes. With several large projects assigned to the Fire Chief by the Board for the remainder of the year, the District needs an assistant chief with a strong background in Operations to continue on the growth path and pace set for the organization.  Assistant Chief Yeager, who has 28-years’ experience in the fire service, will handle all aspects of the Operations Division under the direct supervision of the Fire Chief.2014 07-25 Jack Yeager pictures Meriwether (2) a


PHOTO (Courtesy / Butch Meriwether):

Assistant Chief Jack Yeager


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