GOP Debate #3 is in the books and Pollster Mike O’Neill says the debate was not a game changer.  Frontrunner’s Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are still leading the pack by a wide margin with the rest of the candidates lagging behind at four to seven percent.  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush did the

most damage to himself and fell flat when attacking Senator Marco Rubio. Once considered the “inevitable” GOP Presidential candidate, Bush has to go back to the drawing board if he expects to come out on top.  Carly Fiorina’s day in the sun has dimmed and most likely peaked after the second debate.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie didn’t pull away from the bottom bundle of candidate as some expected he was going to go all in for this debate.

Nothing in the debate changed for any one candidate’s popularity, but the CNBC moderators are making a big splash in the news.  The moderators are being accused of asking “horrendous” and “ridiculous” questions such as fantasy football favorites as opposed to serious issues America is facing.  O’Neill says moderators set the questions up hoping for a bar fight.  They didn’t get that.  In fact, when the moderators were trying to pit candidates against each other, they fought the moderator instead of throwing fellow Republicans under the bus.  Former Governor Mike Huckabee was asked whether Donald Trump was “presidential.”  Huckabee laid into the moderator and said “Donald Trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on Sunday than Hillary.”

Kris Dugan