There may be a gooey solution to the massive dust devils that are causing the closure of Interstate-10 near San Simon east of Lordsburg, New Mexico.  Gorilla-Snot may be just the thing to settle the dust.  Gorilla-Snot is a liquid co-polymer that smothers dust and cracks down on erosion.  And “Soilworks,” which is based

out of Scottsdale, is sending over 45-thousand gallons of Gorilla-Snot to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to stamp out the dust. That stretch of freeway in San Simon is a headache for motorists when dust storms shut it down.  They have been forced to take a 110 mile detour to avoid closure at least seven times in the last month.  Soilworks claims Gorilla Snot is biodegradable.

Kris Dugan