U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement in support of La Paz County’s efforts to develop one of the largest solar power generation centers in the country:

“La Paz County ranks as one of the top solar regions in the entire world. Developing this abundant resource will not only make southwest Arizona a top renewable energy producer in the country, it will also result in widespread economic growth and job creation. The massive size of the federal estate in La Paz County presents real obstacles to the proposed solar generating project. This is an opportunity for common sense legislation that will allow for local officials to responsibly utilize this vital resource. I will continue to work with the County on legislation in the 115th Congress to ensure this project can maximize its positive impact for local jobs, revenue and renewable energy development.”


Congressman Gosar introduced H.R. 6491 during the previous Congress which would have authorized the Secretary of the Interior to convey land to La Paz County, Arizona, in order to create economic development opportunities and facilitate renewable electricity generation in La Paz County. Click HERE for more information.

County leaders led by District 3 Supervisor Holly Irwin have been working with Congressman Paul Gosar to request the purchase of 8,000+ acres of property from the BLM with the intent to develop large scale, solar generation facilities.

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors’ intent is to create long-term, lease contracts with renewable energy project developers that respond to national demand. Such actions will increase renewable power generation while also helping to create new sources of revenue.

This project will help address the economic challenges inherent to a jurisdiction with almost 95% of the County’s property owned by Federal, State or Tribal governments.
There are a number of precedent-setting examples of other Western Counties using legislation to seek the conveyance of federal lands to stimulate economic development in rural locations. La Paz County proposes to use a similar process to acquire a parcel of property that would allow for the project to interconnect with the Ten West Link.