Governor Doug Ducey will give his second State of the State address Monday. Former state lawmaker and political consultant Stan Barnes says the governor has not dropped many hints about his speech

.”I think whatever hints the governor has provided he has done so sparingly and in some mystery.” Barnes says the governor will more than likely address education, especially since Proposition 123, which will provide education funding, will soon be on the ballot. “Particularly because we have this important vote in front of us to validate the agreement made on settling the education funding lawsuit.” Barnes says the governor will likely propose a tax cut. “I believe the governor will put a tax cut of some sort on the table. What that is, we don’t know but I believe it will be modest but real.” He may also talk about prison reform, considering he mentioned that in a recent speech. “And I think there’s a lot of people in Arizona wondering what he means by that and waiting for the State of the State to figure out where he wants to go with it.” Barnes says Ducey is a good speech giver. “I like his speech mannerisms. He’s deliberate, he’s measured, he’s evenly paced. There’s not a lot of table pounding. There’s very little inarticulate distraction.” Barnes says to also keep on eye on how lawmakers react to the governor’s speech. “As the governor clicks through the things he’s concerned about watch whether or not if the Republicans sitting on the floor listening to him react positively or negatively. There’s some indicator there for you of how things are going to go.”¬†

Mike Sauceda