The State Legislature gears up for education as Governor Doug Ducey calls a special session to take on the battle over inflation funding. The Governor’s trying to make good on a vow he made in January’s State of the State address to resolve the inflation lawsuit once and for all. But there’s no

question the State’s feet is being held to the fire anyway after a court order demanding it fund 300 million dollars to make up for a funding shortfall in accordance with a voter-approved law.

G-O-P leaders are mum on the plan’s details, but House Democratic leader Eric Meyer says, he’s got an inkling of what the plan involves thanks to information he got from the lawsuit’s plantiffs. He says the funding will draw from the State’s General Fund and money from the State Land Trust, the latter of which Governor Ducey has been touting for the past several months. Meyer says it’s a complex combination that will rob from future student generations and send Arizona off a financial cliff in 10 years. He says Democrats support a plan that can immediately draw from existing dollars stashed away in the bank and fulfill the court order.

Less cynical is Heidi Vega with the Arizona School Boards Association. She won’t divulge details on a proposal that she says is still “a work in progress”, but, “we know it’s an immediate resolution for our schools and will provide relief for our students and teachers.” Vega says she’s “optimistic” the proposal will be the needed tonic to move our schools forward.

House Democrats hold an open caucus meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 to discuss the school funding lawsuit settlement.

–Barbara Villa