True to his business roots, new Governor Doug Ducey is continuing a moratorium on any new business regulations; a moratorium ex Governor Jan Brewer had already set in place. In what he calls a preview to Monday’s State of the State address, Ducey points out he wants to make sure he

doesn’t make any decisions in the dark. That’s why he’s consulting with business leaders to ensure any regulatory decisions have their insight and approval.

The Governor made his announcement Friday at the 2015 Legislative luncheon in Downtown Phoenix. Ducey says it’s a vibrant business climate in Arizona, not government, that will bring new prosperity to the state. And, he says, the burden of so many regulations will only suffocate business activity and cause firms to pack it up and move to other states.

Ducey, Arizona’s former treasurer and ex Cold Stone Creamery CEO, is expected to discuss his business ideas further in the State of the State address. The Governor and a new Legislature will be grappling with an over one billion dollar deficit as they forge a new budget.

–Barbara Villa