Governor Doug Ducey is rolling out his $9 billion
proposed state spending plan and, in the face of a projected billion-dollar deficit, Ducey promises across-the-board “changes” that will balance the
budget this year and eliminate the state’s structural deficit by 2017. 

Ducey says the budget will protect taxpayers
and says public schools will see an additional $137 million in the classroom
but government has to think differently and universities will have to do more
with less, noting higher education is an investment to be paid for by both the
state and the students who benefit from it. Ducey says he plans to find the
$137 million in increased classroom spending by cutting other education
expenses and the money is there to settle the lawsuit forcing the state to kick
up more than $300-million dollars in increased funding to public schools this
year alone but he is unclear on how much or where he’ll find it.  Ducey also says his budget protects what he
calls “the priorities of Arizona”, public education, public safety and taxpayers.