Governor Doug Ducey signs another batch of bills Tuesday as a deadline to act on legislation nears. The Governor signed 38 bills into law. Among the notable , H-B 2307, a bill requiring organ tissue banks be licensed by the State in two year intervals.

This is in response to a Phoenix business selling body parts against the donors’ intentions which led to an F-B-I raid of Biological Resource Center and the C-E-O getting sentenced to probation. S-B 1375 expands the National Do-Not-Call ban to calls going out to other states. H-B2261 makes using food stamps to pay for medical marijuana punishable by up six months in jail. And H-B 2030 allows retired police officers to bring their firearms into liquor establishments.

As of Tuesday evening, Governor Ducey has taken action on a total of 312 bills, vetoing 9 of them. He must respond to all legislation sent to him by Thursday.