Governor Doug Ducey signs a controversial overhaul of Arizona’s campaign finance laws. Supporters of S-B 1516 say, it’s about time campaign finance laws were revamped to eliminate confusion while protecting free speech for anonymous donors. But bitter opponents such as House

Democrat Ken Clark say, the measure returns Arizona to the era of unfettered dark money voters are against and that will breed corruption and collusion.

The Governor, in a statement, says the bill will make it easier for citizens to engage, so that everyday people won’t have to hire lawyers and accountants to get politically involved.

The Governor also signed three anti-abortion bills. They hold Arizona to the F-D-A 2015 legal standard for the most common abortion-inducing drug, requiring more visits to the doctor. That standard is now outdated because of a new F-D-A label requiring smaller doses than before and  administering  much later in the term. Tucson House Democrat and Dr. Randall Friese says the new law means doctors will either have to break the law in the patient’s interest, or obey state law and violate their hippocratic oath.

Ducey also signed an anti immigration bill that forces undocumented immigrant to serve out one half of their prison term before they’re released to ICE. Opponents argue the measure metes out a double standard of justice: one for U.S. citizens, and one for the undocumented. But the Governor says this levels the playing field for criminals.

–Barbara Vill