Almost a week after the State Legislature passed and sent the finished budget to his desk, Governor Doug  Ducey signed the nine-point-one billion dollar package he largely spearheaded. The Governor calls the deal a “values-based budget” that puts Arizona on the path to structural balance while protecting

child safety, “K” through 12 education, public safety and protecting the most vulnerable. Priorities he says he campaigned on for his office.

But House Democratic leader Eric Meyer retorts the new budget puts the state in “economic jeopardy”with 100 million dollars slashed from public universities and no state funding for Maricopa and Pima community colleges.  Cuts he says amount to a tax on the middle class that will make it hard for those families to attain a college degree and put them in line for 21st century jobs. 

He says better solutions were ignored such as closing tax loopholes and ending special interest giveaways. Meyer says, the signed indicates Republicans and the Governor value” special interests over our kids and the long-term stability of our state”.

–Barbara Villa