The legislative tug-of-war over children’s health insurance ended in the Senate Friday with a vote to restore Arizona’s coverage for the working poor, and Governor Doug Ducey signed the legislation into law shortly afterwards. The action means removing the 2010 freeze put on Kids Care by then

Governor Jan brewer amid tough economic times. It also means 30,000 children whose parents make too much money to qualify for AHCCCS health coverage and too little to afford insurance under Obamacare will pay affordable premiums and copays tailored to their monthly income.

Phoenix Democratic Senator Katie Hobbs says she’s surprised Kids Care foe and Senate President Andy Biggs allowed a vote on the measure, given the fact he blocked a House bill on Kids Care from reaching the floor earlier in the session. Hobbs says, she’s also not surprised Governor Ducey signed the bill because she knew he was getting bombarded by a flurry of e-mails from citizens demanding Kids Care be reinstated. Hobbs adds, Republicans that helped win passage went on board knowing that the Governor would not veto the legislation.

Kids care lost a battle earlier this week to be included in the budget. And it almost didn’t make it as a House amendment to a Senate bill on disabled student school vouchers it was attached to. Some critics argued the issues of education and children’s health care are too unrelated to combine on the same bill. Therefore, they say, that combination is illegal.

–Barbara Villa