Doug Ducey is asking the State Board of Education to review and fix the Common Core
curriculum, rather than repealing and replacing it, as he promised to do during
his campaign for governor.  Ducey says
the board should begin with higher state-developed standards for English, Language
Arts and Math and, if individual districts want to set higher standards than
the state board or common core, they should be allowed to do so. 

Ducey says the disparity between Arizona and the
National Assessment of Education Proficiency, or NAEP, reading and math test
scores shows that our significantly lower standards are deceiving parents and
their children into thinking they are ready to compete in a global job
market.  Ducey says legislation in the State
Senate to kill Common Core is “unnecessary” as the board will fix what’s wrong
with these standards by setting our own. 
Ducey says his biggest problem with Common Core is the overarching
federal influence on education it represents and the interference with local
standards through federal spending linked to the Bush-Era No Child Left Behind Act.  As for the new AzMERIT test, Ducey confirmed
his commitment to it, saying it is going to be in all Arizona schools and would
continue to be so.