grand canyon associationThe Grand Canyon Association and the National Park Foundation have announced the completion of the Native Plant Greenhouse Project. This unique local and national fundraising campaign jointly raised $300,000 in support of the project to construct a modern greenhouse that will significantly increase the ability to grow native plants for transplant in Grand Canyon National Park. This critical project, a Grand Canyon National Park priority, will help build a high capacity, energy-efficient greenhouse for use in re-vegetation and ecosystem restoration projects in degraded areas of the national park. The project is expected to break ground this fall. The National Park Foundation and its partners kicked off these joint fundraising efforts in 11 national parks in 2013. The Grand Canyon Association was selected as part of a pilot program founded by the National Park Foundation, where $1 million raised by the Foundation could be leveraged by Friends Groups, maximizing the fundraising potential for each park’s unique project.  The Grand Canyon Association utilized $75,000 from the National Park Foundation for the greenhouse project, and then raised the rest. The automated climate control systems, solar heat and a rainwater harvesting system will help maintain optimal growth conditions, and the greenhouse project includes a seed storage facility to maintain locally-harvested seeds. The greenhouse will have the capacity to grow about 30,000 native plants annually. “The National Park Foundation was proud to raise critical funds for the Grand Canyon Association to leverage dollar-for-dollar in support of the Native Plant Greenhouse Project,” said Neil Mulholland, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation. “This collaborative approach successfully optimized national and local support to make projects of vital and immediate importance possible in national parks across the country.” “This is more than a greenhouse. This is an answer to a vital need to add more native plants to Grand Canyon National Park,” said Susan Schroeder, chief executive officer of the Grand Canyon Association. To find out more about the Grand Canyon Association, go to For more information about the National Park Foundation, go to