A 72-year-old grandmother lost in the Arizona wilderness for nine days is alive thanks to a survival course and clear thinking.  Ann Rodgers left her Tucson home on March 31 headed to Phoenix to visit her grandkids when she took a wrong turn and ran out of gas.  Rodgers and her dog were forced to sleep in her car the first night.  The grandmother tried to find help and hiked through the forest for days in

hopes of finding civilization.  She was smart and kept her cool over the week by leaving notes behind that would lead someone to her whereabouts.  Rodgers used everything at her disposal from the land and the survival course she had taken years ago.  She survived on creek water, berries, plants and even a turtle kept her going for days.  She was finally discovered after a DPS Air Rescue  Unit spotted her waving a flag and the words “HELP” spelled out on the Canyon Creek floor with sticks.  Rodgers is doing amazingly well following her harrowing experience and only suffered from exposure.  

Kris Dugan