Scam-AlertKINGMAN-A senior citizen contacted Kingman Police on Tuesday, June 23 to report a scam where someone was reportedly portraying to be their grandchild.

Jennifer Sochocki, spokeswoman for the police department said the person calling the resident told them they had just been arrested in a foreign country and was in need of bail money.

“In this case the potential victim knew that the caller was trying to scam them for money,” said Sochocki. “This is not a new scam, it is known as the grandparent scam.”

Sochocki says the criminals obtain contact information for senior citizens from any number of sources and then the scammers pray on the emotions of their victims in hopes that the “grandparent” will send money by Western Union, or any other wire transfer company.

The police department offers information on this and other scams by visiting and clicking on “External Resources” located at the bottom of the page.