sgSteve Greeley is passionate about the importance of education for kids and communities. And the radio station owner and executive said it’s disturbing that Arizona continues to under-fund public schools.

“It’s a tremendous disgrace,” Greeley said. “The state is not very (education) friendly and quite honestly, and I’ll say this right to Governor Ducey’s face, the state screws over our schools.”

Greeley said failure to properly fund schools at the state level forces communities to tax themselves to do so. He is among a group of citizens working in support of passage of a $48.7-million bond issue that Lake Havasu Unified School District voters will decide in November.

Greeley said the committee of a diverse group of citizens is supporting the bond issue so voters can see it’s not a question pushed by local education administrators. They hope to build “buy-in” within the local electorate to earn passage of the question this fall.