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Greyhound bus service has returned to Bullhead City after a brief hiatus. Greyhound bus service to Bullhead City was temporarily discontinued last March.

Greyhound and Bullhead Area Transit System (BATS) have partnered together to restore service in Bullhead City on October 11. BATS is co-locating a new Greyhound bus stop at the BATS bus stop at Airport Center Drive and Highway 95 between Home Depot and Sam’s Club.

“This is a fabulous travel and connection opportunity for the region,” stated Human Service/Transit Director Susan Betts. “We fit very nicely in the Phoenix-Las Vegas Greyhound route, which connects to Greyhound’s 3,800 other destinations in North America.”

Customers can purchase their Greyhound tickets online at Schedule times below:

6:10pm arrival/6:15pm departure

4:35am arrival/4:40am departure