With a serial killer or killers still on the loose, the Phoenix chapter of the Guardian Angels is beefing up patrols in neighborhoods where attacks have occurred. And Chapter Leader Mike Upchurch says, the group’s presence is already having a positive impact. He says when the organization

began patrols in response to the serial shootings, the Maryvale was looking like a ghost town, even on a typical Friday payday. But a few days later, people gradually began coming out more, and Upchurch believes, the Angels’ presence has something to do with it.

Upchurch says the patrols go out at night, watching mostly public areas like parks to help people feel more safe. The Guardian Angels hit the streets back in 2006 in wake of the Serial Shooter and Baseline murders. And he’s confident today’s crime spree spanning from west to east Phoenix will also be solved.

Phoenix Police have tied 7 deaths to the shootings. They’ve also tied two aggravated assaults and one criminal damage case to the unresolved crimes. Upchurch and police urge the public to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity.

–Barbara Villa