boardNew Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) board member Jack Hommel is suggesting that a full audit be conducted to inspect finance and accounting for the past three years. Board Chairman Paul Gorham thinks that’s a good idea, except that District auditor William Saunders has indicated it will be expensive. “He did say we’re probably talking about $10,000 to $15,000 per year to go back and do that type of audit,” Gorham said during Wednesday’s Board meeting. “I’m not saying we shouldn’t do an audit, but I’m concerned we’ve not exhausted everything (all options).” Hommel, nonetheless, said a full audit is necessary to end the ongoing swirl of pessimism that’s become a byproduct of one embarrassing revelation after another in the finance and accounting arena. “I believe that we owe these people, this community, an iron clad statement from this board that is the truth of the financial position, the financial condition,” Hommel said. “There have been enough accusations made. There have been enough doubts planted by god knows how many people. Nobody in this community, including the people in this room right now, know the truth. We owe it to this community.” Board member Steve Robinson noted that Saunders has been performing the annual audits with no findings of impropriety. He questioned the wisdom of having him essentially redo his own work, at additional cost to district taxpayers. Fire Chief Thomas O’Donohue noted that Saunders will be making a detailed audit presentation to the Board soon, likely sometime in February. O’Donohue suggested that the Board defer their contemplation of a three year audit until Saunders is present to discuss the pros and cons of the possible endeavor. The Board agreed to postpone its multiple year audit consideration until Saunders’ next visit.