gvfdAuditor Jim Saunders addressed Golden Valley Fire District board members during their March 18 meeting. Saunders said his audit revealed deficiencies in internal controls and compliance with state laws in the finance arena.
   Saunders told board members that the District’s financial reporting was substantially accurate but that the data was poorly handled and documented. Saunders said he was not overly concerned that about $190 in petty cash was unaccounted for.
   Board members hope that Comptroller J.J. Thornton, who started her new job March 16, will eliminate errors and problems and improve the financial administration of the fire district.
   In the spirit of transparency, the Board directed staff to post the audit report on the Fire District’s website. At the same time, the Board decided against posting citizen correspondence on the website, opting instead to keep the communications on file and available for public review at the district office.